Software Division provides the support needed by the customers for the developed software via numerous modes to solve them according to the nature & priority of the problem.

# Online Support:

9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (Office Hour): All types of Services

# Offline Support:

We provide support even during the Off Office Hours for Emergency & Serious Problems only in mean times like Quarter End, Half-Year End, Year End, Server Crash, etc.

  • Accept message only
  • Call to Support Staff for Emergency Support only

Customer enquiries, suggestions and complaints are handled through various means which are mentioned below:

  • Call Entertain
  • Fax
  • Letter
  • E-mail/ Mail
  • Client Visit
  • Site Visit
  • Meetings
  • Seminars
  • Others

Support provided by this division includes hands-on Training, regular supply of service manuals and technical updates, online technical guidance, maintenance service and consultancy. In addition to it, different official and unofficial calls are handled by the support staffs on the office desk and on the mobile of staffs itself, if crucial.

Letters and mails are considered as a routine communication with the customers, which is sent and received commonly by this division. As communication technology has diversified, this division uses fax and Internet when it needs to send the documents to the people at large distances. These devices make the delivery of the documents instantaneous.

The support also includes work on sites of at customer’s office. Understanding the support needed by the software customers, MOS provides both on site and off site support for the software product developed as they are distributed. MOS is well known for its customer support services. It provides world-class after-sales support for its valued customers.

Software Division comprises of professionals trained in analyzing and identifying customers’ needs and providing appropriate solutions. It provides the necessary services and is always there to provide maintenance, to train and to offer consultation at each step of the customer’s problems. It provides the services through the site visit and client visit.

Software Division also facilitates its customers by visiting the place, which is considered as ‘Field Work’. Field Work is the on-site support provided to the software customers as and when needed. Staffs are sent to the place (customers’) if there arise certain problems in the software, which can only be solved by visiting the customer’s place. Small problems are solved through the mails and telephone enquiries itself.

This division organizes different meetings and seminars with the customers as and when needed. Meetings are carried out in-house or client site in order to offer the customers with the current and relevant information on all products developed.

Members of the Software Division regularly take part in the different events and also hold seminars so as to keep customers informed about the various latest developments.

Seminars and meetings are carried out through the formal presentation of the recent development and the idea behind this system is to familiarize the existing and upcoming customers more extensively with the attitude of the development and allow them (customers) to interact, where they can raise the questions and debate on the particular topic. This division also carries out its advertising and promotions by participating in various Trade Fairs focusing on the product and also the entire company.

Support Calls

  • Helpdesk Registration
  • Analysis/ Segregation of registered tasks
  • Task Assignment
  • Development to Quality Control
  • Approval from Management and Administration
  • Send to client through Helpdesk
  • Confirmation and approval from client
  • Confirmation registration and closing of the task

We get different types of support calls from the clients. All support calls are registered in Helpdesk and given respective Task ID.

The support calls can be for different reasons. It may be for bug fixing, modification/ development, follow up, customization, implementation etc. So, the analysis and categorization of task is done after the registration.

All the activities done for that Task ID is recorded. So, the task is assigned to the developers or support team on the basis of past records about the activities.

After the development, Software Division runs different stages of testing on software for quality assurance. These tests include: Design and Development Testing, Functionality Testing and Performance Testing.

If the particular task does not meet the requirements, it is sent back to the developers for the improvement.

The task is passed on to the Helpdesk only after the approval from the Management and Administration.

Then, the response of the task (problems and requests) is sent to the clients through the Helpdesk. While delivering patches for bugs and modification, a note is sent along with the patches explaining what has been fixed or modified.

Closing of the task is done only after the confirmation and approval from the clients.