• Reduced operational cost through automation
  • Lower technology cost & maintenance cost compared to competition
  • Faster return on Investment
  • Faster ‘Time to Market’
  • Customized Product Offering
  • 24/7 Banking Capability
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Multiple Delivery Channels
  • Supports high-volume transaction processing and provides embedded workflow management
  • Banking operations have not been halted due to Pumori since its inception
  • A complete Banking Solution with Multiple Delivery Channels
  •  Configurable replication of data for safety (data safety)

  • Developed with the world’s most robust tools like Delphi 5,ADP, ASPX for Windows 2000+, SQL Server 2000+ and uses Three Tier Architecture for portability and flexibility

Deployment Options
  • Centralized Database & Single Server
  • Multiple Database & Single Server
  • Multiple Database & Multiple Server
  • Hybrid(combination of any of the above)
Locally Designed & Developed
  • A product of Nepal developed by competent & dedicated IT & Management professionals with the participation of prominent  bankers for system design
  • The most popular Banking Software in Nepal with 1500 installations 
  • User friendly with full automation, low cost upgradation and rapid migration
Multiple Delivery Channels
  • Internet Banking
  • SMS Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Talk2Pumori for ATM, POS and Third Party Interface
  • Tele- Banking
NRB Reporting 
  • Banking operation is automated and most of '9' series Reports can be generated within a short period of time
  • In Centralized version, all NRB Reports are implemented  as Consolidated Reports; no need to generate reports form each and every branch
Multiple Interfaces
  • Web based interface &  Desktop interface can be implemented at the same time
  • Uses latest technology   
    -Multi tier architecture in Web
    -Client Server in Desktop
Installation Sites
  • Implemented in 75 districts

Pumori Network in Nepal


  • United Amara Bank(UAB): One of the Top 10 Commercial Banks in Yangon, Myanmar