‘Mercantile’ is the oldest brand, pioneer of Information & Communication Technology in Nepal since 1951, which provides total system solution - hardware, software, communication and other value added services.

To help customers win in their respective marketplace, Mercantile delivers Total Solutions -  innovative products and services, to address specific customer needs in order to improve productivity, increase profitability and stimulate growth.

For almost 6 decades, Mercantile Group - (Mercantile Office Systems Private Limited and Mercantile Communications Private Limited), has enjoyed the largest and most prestigious clientele in the arena of Information & Communication Technology. Mercantile Office Systems deals in Computer Peripherals and software (Pumori Banking Software), and Mercantile Communication is the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) of Nepal.

Knowing the demand of market for the office automation equipment and the need to develop a separate business unit for the same, a new company, Mercantile Office Systems was launched in 1985. With the boom in the communications' field, Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd. was formally established in 1994 with the sole objective of providing state-of-the-art Internet Services in Nepal. The operations for providing Internet Services were started in 1993 on test basis.

Today, Mercantile Group comprises of over 500 professionals with wide interests encompassing almost every domain of computerization. Its local and global key partners have contributed to the company's growth. 

'To carve a niche in the field of Information & Communication Technology, globally, by introducing reliable, effective and state-of-the-art technology; combining best people, best equipment, and the best connection.'

Software Division
Software Division, one of the crucial Research & Development centre of MOS, has been involved in development of Core Banking Software, Ledger System, Inventory System, Office Automation Software and other utility tools etc.It provides the total system support in designing and developing customized software to suit the unique requirements of customers. It provides expert project management through all phases of development from system design to implementation. MOS developed the customized banking software (NabSys) for Nepal Arab Bank Limited in 1989 A.D.

Many Banks and Financial Institutions are using its ‘Pumori’ and ‘PumoriPlus’ online multi-currency total banking software which have now proved to be the most popular banking software in Nepal. ‘Pumori’ and ‘PumoriPlus’are the trademarks of MOS and amongst the many specialized software developed by this division. MOS is continually developing a new and innovative suite of services and products that make it a faster, easier and smarter IT experience.

Pumori has over 1500 sites of installation all over Nepal including 39 live branches at United Amara Bank Limited, Yangon, Myanmar.